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Posted by: Kay

Thought I would post my visit on 7/22 at The Paws to work with a few Gwinnett Humane Society fosters on my blog  – now that I have a blog!

We did all sessions in the lobby this time. I spent time with my “Get Me In The Zone” Reiki pal: Paisley first. She did great as usual! Though there were some SCARY balloons to be weary of.  She moved about a good bit of the time coming back to lie down here and there. Towards the end of her Reiki treatment though she settled and probably could have gone for much longer!

My special friend, Spin, was next. His session unfolded pretty much as always. He stayed real close up on benches beside me. He settled down much more quickly this time into his treatment.

I worked with Junior for the first time. He is such fun and full of energy! He made me laugh! He was so excited that he mostly just explored the lobby almost forgetting that I was there. Suddenly he would remember I was there and jump into my lap! I enjoyed him VERY much. I did feel a lot of energy flowing. You just would not be able to see from his boundless energy that he was actually participating.

Next was Phoenix. Her biggest challenge was that being in the lobby there was that HUGE dog! She took a little energy, but mostly explored her surroundings. It was good to visit with our special girl!

I wanted to sit with the cats since I hadn’t done that previously. I can’t remember the black and black and white cats’ names, but I sat with them first. After they all twirled around me and ate a little, they lay down a few feet away from me to study this Reiki thing going on. They seemed to like it.

Next was the other cat room with Raven, Marilyn, and Herman. I feel like Marilyn has been calling me to her since the beginning of my visits to The Paws. Humans are so slow! Anyway both Raven and Marilyn were very social and very physical about letting me touch them for hands on Reiki – especially Marilyn. Herman observed from afar. Sharon mentioned that Raven and Marilyn have been adopted! WOW!! That is so wonderful!!!

Thanks, Harriet, for allowing me to come out once again!

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