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The foster parents of the dogs and cats of Gwinnett Humane Society are fortunate recipients of Kay’s generous spirit and loving heart. Kay routinely sits with our animals and offers Reiki to them. She takes genuine pleasure in our happy adoption stories. Kay has become a valued member of our placement team with the help of Reiki.

Those who work with and love animals understand we communicate with them through our energy. I chose to take her Level I Animal Reiki Class so I could better channel that energy to promote peace and healing for the animals in my care. I have witnessed first hand the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of Reiki on animals. Reiki can benefit these animals by alleviating their fears and allowing potential adopters to see their true beauty and personality. We offer Reiki to those in our care and continue with that offering as they transition into their forever homes.

Thank you, Kay, for supporting our efforts and helping us make a difference in the lives of animals in Gwinnett County.

Sharon Mahoney, Placement Chair – Gwinnett Humane Society


Kay has been pet sitting and offering Reiki treatments to my dogs for many years. I have witnessed the healing effects of Reiki many times, in many different dogs. Recently my husband and I took in a foster dog, Dude. He was born with severe hip dysplasia and knees that easily dislocate. The road ahead would not be an easy one. Even before his first surgery, with Reiki treatments, we began to see improvement in Dude’s comfort and mobility. This motivated me to actually take her Level I Animal Reiki class so that I could be a more active participant in Dude’s healing journey. His progress has far exceeded everyone’s expectations!

As a volunteer for Gwinnett Humane Society, I have ample opportunity to offer Reiki to many animals. One such opportunity presented itself on a Saturday afternoon at the adoption center. The adoption center can be a scary place for the dogs and cats with unfamiliar sounds and smells. A spring thunderstorm was rolling through escalating the anxiety that was already present in several of the animals. This was Scotty’s first day. I began offering him Reiki. Within minutes he curled up in a corner of his crate, and his breathing became easier. Logan already an expert Reiki participant, readily accepted it and stopped shaking in his crate. The calm spread throughout the center.

Thank you, Kay, for introducing me to Reiki and opening my eyes to all the good that it can bring.

Kathy D.


I run an equine rescue and have several animals with physical or emotional issues. Many have both. Kay has visited the farm to work with the animals and has also done several distance sessions.

I was skeptical about Reiki and found Kay while desperate to help an ailing donkey. I was willing to try anything and traditional medicine wasn’t helping her. So I figured I’d at least give it a shot. After only one distance session she [Faith the donkey] was feeling much better and only continued to improve throughout the week. I was very happy to see this! Reiki has continued to help her, especially when she has those inexplicable bad days.

Kay has also worked with a depressed gelding who wanted nothing to do with people. His attitude improved tremendously after one session. Many other horses at the farm have benefited from the Reiki sessions. I could go on and on.

I am definitely no longer a skeptic, but a firm believer in the power of Reiki and I am very happy to have found Kay. She is a natural around the animals and is always willing to help and to answer any questions. I now consider Reiki to be an invaluable aid in helping the rescued horses and donkeys.

Crystal Montgomery
Storybook Farm & Equine Rescue

I’ve had thyroid surgery twice before, but I swear this time has been the quickest healing time, and I totally credit the remote Reiki you did for me!!! Also, the last 2 thunder storms were much less fearful for Stella my Brittany Spaniel. I think the sessions you did for her during my recovery must have helped on that front too. Thanks so much for all you do!


Kay’s demeanor with animals is astounding. Both of our cats adore her. When we get back from our trips, Skidz (our dominate cat) is always in a good mood and such a love bug (he used to “yell” at us when we walked in the door.) He no longer gets mad when we leave him home for an extended period of time. Kay started Reiki on my cats and they even seem more relaxed when we return. Skidz and Lucky are purring when we walk in the door and Skidz wants to jump right into my lap, looking for more Reiki. When I read her notes, I know how much Skidz loves the Reiki he receives from all the drool he leaves on her.

Lawrenceville, GA

I had been having some chest pain after coughing – like a pulled muscle or something. Kay did a remote session with me, and by the time we got off the phone, the pain was gone and didn’t come back. Thank you, Reiki!

Sugar Hill, GA

I have been having some knee pain for the past few months. Kay does distant sessions with me, and I get relief almost immediately. Reiki is so relaxing that I sleep so much better after a session.

Killeen, TX

I have pretty bad pain during my cycle. I was having what I thought to be the most excruciating pain ever one day; I had taken so many Ibuprofen that I could not possibly take anymore (it was not working at all.) Kay did a distant session, and within the hour I was pain-free. Reiki is wonderful!

Norcross, GA

I was having a sinus infection that seemed to be turning into bronchitis. I had not been to the doctor yet, but I knew I had to go. In fact, I was feeling so bad I did not know how I was going to make my appointment. Kay came over and did a 45 minute session with me. My coughing stopped, it felt like my fever went away, and I felt well enough to make my doctor’s appointment.
I was truly amazed that Reiki could help so fast and so effectively.

Lawrenceville, GA

I had hit my knee with a hammer, the same knee I always injure of course. I was hobbling around for a day or two. Kay did a spot session for a few minutes with me because that is all I had time for, and to be quite honest, I was really skeptical about this Reiki thing. I couldn’t believe it! My knee REALLY felt better! Since then I have had full sessions, and almost instantly, I fall asleep.

Lawrenceville, GA

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