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Reiki With The Gwinnett Humane Society Fosters

Posted by: Kay

Hello Everyone!

I got to visit with all my friends (the Gwinnett Humane Society Fosters) at The Paws Resort on 8/7.  Paisley was first of course! As you know she sort of expects to lead the Reiki treatments.

Next was Wills. This was really his first one on one treatment. He was very good about letting me know it was okay to touch him. He placed all his body parts in my hands and lay on his back several times! He was VERY sweet and gave me kisses 🙂

I worked with Lady. Actually this was her first one on one. She was much like Piper was with her first treatment and bounced up and down the whole time pretty much.

Next was Franklin. I hadn’t really worked with him one on one since the first time I came out with Kathy and Mike. He really settled into his treatment very quickly. He is a very sweet boy!

Junior was busily exploring the room and was VERY fascinated with the toilet – lol! However, he did lie down for brief interludes this time. I just love him! He makes me laugh!

Next was Sweet P – Phoenix. She was soooo excited to see Nanny Kay that she put her paws on my shoulders, gave me big sloppy kisses, and knocked my ponytail out -LOL! She was more into visiting than her Reiki treatment, which is her normal even when she is at the Duprey’s. It is very rarely that she really wants a Reiki treatment from me at least.

Suzi-Q was next. She was a little anxious in the bathroom, so I didn’t keep her long. I included her later on though once she was back in her run. She is just darling! I love her!

Last but not least was Piper. She REALLY got into her treatment and could barely keep her head up though she tried! Last time she just bounced up and down the whole time and wanted to play 🙂

Kathy said Harriet mentioned the wing was snoozing quietly when she returned to feed shortly after I left, which I hear is unusual! YAY for Reiki naps!

I got to spend just a short amount of time with the kitties. Tassel was happily playing with my shoestrings the whole time. Herman stayed in his crate and watched me very intensely. The trio in the other room (sorry! I don’t remember their names) purred and and purred.

Thanks again, Harriett, for letting me come out to work with the animals!

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